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Wheres My Droid Review

App Name Wheres My Droid
App Version 6.4.14
Developer Alienman Technologies LLC
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Mod Type Shared Free

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Wheres My Droid Review

Wheres My Droid is the most advanced tracking tool for your Android device with the app you can so much such as sending commands via text message to trigger certain actions that you have sent, I will mention some below so you can get the vague idea of what I am talking about. Apart from that, it allows you to remotely access your device from a computer, turn it off, reset your phone, track location of it and much more.

You can set certain commands which you can set in the app, for example, you set a text message “12345” which will trigger your phone every time you send to turn it from silent to loud, so if you ever sent a text message with that number in it it will turn your phone from silent to loud, now you can even blacklist or whitelist only certain numbers from which this command will work because this way anyone could send you the text to disturb or annoy you.

These are not the only feature the app offers, there are many more and you can control your device remotely and gain access to it completely. You can even set an email address to trigger if the thief removed the sim card from your device or you can take pictures, record video, audio from both front and back camera just by sending text messages. This is really a useful application if you tend to lose your device more often.

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