This Is How Tesla Solar Panels Survive Snow

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The advantage of solar panels that Tesla started to install in homes last year when it snows was shown in a published video. The roof, covered with panels, managed to get rid of all the snow despite the heavy snowfall.

Electric car giant Teslais not just disseminating electrical energy through cars. The company uses the roofs of the houses. with solar panels It also offers alternative energy pathways by covering. This project, which was a little interrupted, started to spread slowly in homes, especially in the USA, last year.

Tesla “Solar Roof“Those who want to take advantage of the service named after him could be indecisive because of a matter. How would the panels work when the roof was covered with snow in winter? The solution Tesla developed for this is by a Solar Roof user. in the posted video shown live.

While the neighboring roofs remained white, the Tesla roof remained black:


Solar Roof user Jason Lassen has equipped the roof of his house with Tesla’s solar panels. When he realizes the future of snow, he starts shooting videos during and after snow showed what the roof was in. Even when it was snowing, the roofs of other houses turned white, while some parts of the roof with solar panels did not get snow.

On the other hand, the view that emerged during the day after the snowfall at night revealed Tesla’s success. The roof of the house, except for small places it had no snow anywhere. While the roofs of neighboring houses continued to have all the snow on top, Tesla’s panels threw the snow down all night.

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Of course, the biggest reason for this is not a feature specific to Tesla panels, found in most solar panels and it was a kind of natural feature. Solar panels, when it’s snowing on by generating heat They can help this snow slide. But the reason Tesla was the subject of this news was that the solar panels covered the entire roof of the house and this roof was almost completely free of snow.

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