The Most Important Developments of the Week

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As team, we are constantly trying to keep you informed of important developments. We wanted to remind you of some of the news we thought you might have overlooked during the past week.

Constantly changing and evolving technology in the world We witness new developments every week, and we try to convey these news to you in detail. In the last week, there have been very important developments in the technology world.

We, in this content, both in the technology world, forward coming out developments and we have brought together remarkable content about technology for you. Let’s take a closer look at all these news.

The highlights of the past week

Giant Raise From NVIDIA to GeForce NOW Global Prices [Türkiye Fiyatının Neden Yüksek Olduğu Anlaşıldı]

GeForce NOW

Cloud gaming system lately Of GeForce NOW NVIDIA came up frequently deals with Turkey, made to serve the global price hike. After the increase, the price of GeForce NOW, which was previously $ 4.99 per month, is a full 100 percent increase. For $ 9.99 output. With the change in global prices of NVIDIA, it became clear why the service was announced at a relatively high price in our country.

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Appeal Not Accepted: Google Will Be Prosecuted For Tracking Users In Incognito Tab

Google incognito tab

Search giant Google, its users in incognito tab was faced with a lawsuit last summer, as he continued to watch. In those days, Google’s request, which objected to the case and asked to drop it, was not accepted. As the company keeps track of its users in the incognito tab to be judged.

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Turkey was separated from Istanbul Convention by Presidential Decision

Istanbul Convention

Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, signed by the President based on the principle of gender equality with the presidential decree published in the Official Gazette From the Istanbul Convention Left. Turkey’s agreement to terminate, brought together in the many discussions.

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NASA Shares The Scary Sounds Perseverance Moves On Mars [Video]

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