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STAR WARS KOTOR II APK, We shared the apk file under the title of STAR WARS KOTOR II APK on our apk download site. STAR WARS KOTOR II APK download link in the detail of our article ..


STAR WARS KOTOR II APK is finally released on android. A fully fledged PC Game with its full features and remastered graphics is now playable on Android. On this holidays its a right time to jump back in to Star Wars Knights of the old republic 2 and relive those classics moments on your android device.

“Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 APK” is a 3D action RPG. The content of the game is extremely rich and free, and the way to play is very fun. Of course, the story is also the highlight of the game. The story takes place 5 years after the events of the first Kotor game. Jedi and Sith are at war. As the protagonist, you have to choose in the process to vote for the Jedi samurai to save the Republic or join the Sith Dark City Force.

Download STAR WARS KOTOR II APK The Sith Lords 2.0.2

In addition to the protagonist himself, you have forgotton your past. You have to find your answers. You can make your own Lightsaber and learn 40 kinds of force skills. The control of the game has been re-adjusted for android devices. Star Wars Kotor 2 APK is a perfect example of amazing pc games which works on android.

You will lead a group of freedom fighters on an epic stormy galaxy adventure! The journey covers the distant planet Tatooine and the hometown of the Dark Sith Lord. You will use a variety of weapons to fight against unknown enemies! Beware of the temptation of dark magic! Whether you choose the dark or the light in the end, it will affect the fate of the entire galaxy! Customize your role, you will be able to play more characters, let you immerse yourself in the virtual situation of Star Wars, and experience a variety of rich role-playing games!

Your team can consist of up to three people, including humans, robots, Twi’ leks, Wookies, and other alien races. Fast-paced mini-games ─ such as racing speed racing or turret control. The journey spans a variety of different worlds with very different scenery, ranging from stories you are familiar with and new environments you have never seen before.

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