Sisal Chance Announces New Game of Chance: Win Home

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Sisal Şans announced the new game of chance Ev Kazan, which offers participants the chance to win the house they have dreamed of. The winners of the lottery, in which the big bonus will be at least 1 million TL, can also close their existing loans if they wish.

Ever since the National Lottery Administration transferred the authority to regulate the National Lottery games, Sisal Chanceannounced that it will launch a new game of chance in April.

“Boiler House” participants in the new game of chance called Turkey’s 81 provinces will get the chance to catch buy any house they dreamed of and jackpot at least 1 million TL it will be. In addition, gamers will be able to close their existing home loans instead of buying a house if they win the jackpot.

Sisal Şans said that if he does not transfer, the big bonus will be at least 1 million TL.

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Statement from Sisal Şans after 1 Possibility in 5 Trillion in Crazy Numeric Lotto

In the statement regarding the “Win Home” draws, which will be held twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, “At the end of March, which will meet gamers” Boiler House “, also it carries the first of its kind in the gaming market in Turkey. For gamers on the way to their home dreams; will be in cash The new game, which offers the opportunity to gain a home, will bring a brand new excitement. “ expressions were used.

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