Panasonic’s Cute Home Robot That Gets Gas When Bored

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Panasonic'in Canı Sıkılınca Gaz Çıkaran Sevimli Ev Robotu: Nicobo

Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic introduced Nicobo, a cute home robot that bursts out gas and talks like a baby. All of the robots that were opened for a limited number of pre-orders for around $ 360 were sold out.

Japan based electronics manufacturer PanasonicIntroduced the cute home robot developed in collaboration with Toyohashi University of Technology Michio Oka Laboratory. Nicobo This cute robot is called a cat and has some interesting features, resembling a cat in general and gasps when bored.

Although it is called ‘cat robot’ Nicobolooks more like a ball with socks on. The Japanese firm is only one of these robots that are pre-ordered through its crowdfunding platform. several hundred pieces plans to produce. From $ 360 If you do manage to buy one of the devices on the market, you will need to get about things like software updates per month. $ 10 you need to pay.

Panasonic’s cute home robot: Nicobo

Equipped with a relatively advanced technology, Nicobo helps users perceiving their reactions can respond accordingly. Thanks to the sensors on it, the home robot, which can understand that you are caressing it, can also wag its tail, simple feelings he can express and turn around his own environment.

Nicobo, who can also communicate with voice, instead of purring, unlike cats. broken sentences and in Japan “katakoto” known as baby conversations can. What makes it most interesting is the ability to gas out of nowhere. This feature gives Nicobo a real pet flair, although it works at completely random times.

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Planned production limit for Nicobo, which aroused great interest even outside of Japan 320 units and $ 360 Let us point out that despite the tag price, all robots have already been sold. Also, as mentioned above, even if you own a Nicobo, for things like smartphone connectivity and software updates. $ 10 per month you need to pay.

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