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Mario Kart Tour APK, We shared the apk file under the title of Mario Kart Tour APK on our apk download site. Mario Kart Tour APK download link in the detail of our article ..

Mario Kart Tour APK

Challenge players worldwide in multiplayer!

Mario Kart Tour APK MOD is back, but now on Android and ios as a freemium game. And although it’s mostly the same game at its core an arcade racer from Nintendo Co., Ltd. Mario Kart Tour is a gorgeous simple racing game. A first installment of Mario Kart Tour MOD APK has arrived on Android and Ios. The Controls are easy and unique,graphics are as usual colorful and punchy and the gameplay is what you would expect from a Mario Kart game.

The tracks are taken straight from the classic Mario kart games and has been redesigned and revamp for the most exciting kart racing. There are different controls like easy controls and drifting controls. You can choose as per your play style. Mario Kart Tour MOD APK has only single player mode for now. Maybe Multiplayer will be coming in later updates.

The races and tracks are fun. The races are short and has only two laps but its fun. Each race will reward you with coins. You can use those coins in purchasing new characters,karts and single usable items. since Mario Kart Tour is an online game so MODDED APK for Unlimited Money,Coins and Ruby is not possible. There is a Gold Subscription mode where you can pay monthly in order to take part in special races. Mario Kart Tour is fun and addictive gorgeous android game but may be ruined by so many in-app purchases and grindings. If you are a Mario Kart fan you must try it at least once.

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