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Kung Fu Z Review, we searched for detailed information for you under the title Kung Fu Z Review in our game news section. Kung Fu Z Review Apk file in our article.

Kung Fu Z Review

Game Name Kung Fu Z
Game Version 1.9.4
Developer Tiny Titan Studiosack a
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Mod Type Free

Mod Features


You can buy what you want even if you don’t have money

PlayStore Link:

Kung Fu Z Review

Kung Fu Z is an arcade action fighting game where you will fight in a 2D environment with classic pixelated graphics. After a deadly spread of the virus, many humans turned into zombies and others were getting infected from it. Soon the cities were crawling with zombies attacking the innocent citizens. After you hear about that you rush to the city to save the people from these zombies. Not only zombies but crazy large creatures and insects who are infected as well. Your sensai tells you to go and there your journey begins.

Defeat the zombies in the city and fight them to death, attack them with your fist or special abilities to defeat hordes of zombies, you will earn coins for doing that which you can use to upgrade your character’s health, speed, and attack. You will be able to unlock more characters as you play, and unlock more cities where you will fight waves and waves of zombies.

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