Kaedin’s Fate : Action Adventure RPG (Paid)

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Kaedin’s Fate : Action Adventure RPG (Paid), We shared the apk file under the title of Kaedin’s Fate : Action Adventure RPG (Paid) on our apk download site. Kaedin’s Fate : Action Adventure RPG (Paid) download link in the detail of our article ..

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Kaedin’s Fate Apk Paid Download For Android

Kaedin’s Fate takes you along the journey of our warrior through the mystical world of Atmanvena. In a continuous struggle between reality and illusions, Kaedin experiences what he believes to be childish folklore.

All he knows is that he has a wish, for something important to his life.
Something he yearns for.
But in his heart, he has no idea what this journey entails…

What is Atmanvena? Why did Kaedin reach here? What does he wish for?

Unravel all these questions as you try and grasp the meaning behind the fragments of his reality. It is a quest for courage, morality, and sacrifice. Does Kaedin have what it takes?

Inspired by Indian mythology, Kaedin’s Fate will take you along a journey like none you’ve ever heard before. Make your decisions and battle through tough enemies to explore the Kingdom’s lore!

Gameplay Features

★ Playable offline without any internet connection.

★ A Beautiful, third-person action-filled adventure through a mystical land.

★ Show off your combat skills in engaging battles.

★ Make choices that define your story as you progress further in the game.

★ Encounter intelligent enemies who will respond to your strategies and attack in a manner that keeps the gameplay fresh and challenging.

★ Challenge multiple bosses on your journey through Atmanvena in engaging combats.

★ Experience diverse gameplay that requires you to adapt and come up with new strategies to succeed.

★ Multiple endings defined by the decisions you make throughout the game.

★ Unravel the fate of Kaedin, with the truth of Atmanvena in this mesmerizing story.

Note from developer

This project was almost entirely made by a single teenage developer with a very small budget which was used only for the marketing campaign. All efforts were made to make the game as good as possible with all the financial limitations. I hope you like the game and leave a review!

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