Impressive Images of Water Soluble M & M’s

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A YouTuber captured impressive images in many different concepts and appearances by simply dissolving colorful M & M’s in water. The YouTuber, who shared the images he obtained, also explained what is required to make this kind of shooting.

Wherever we can see with our eyes impressive views it is possible to capture or create those landscapes with our hands. We can achieve this sometimes with small light games and sometimes with a few small materials we have. The important thing is to trust our eyes and a little being creative evaluating all options.

A YouTuber did exactly that and the colorful By dissolving M & M’s in water He made a great video with the images he obtained. Moreover, in doing so, he used only one camera, a tripod and transparent containers that he could dissolve in his M & M’s.

You can do it at home too:

water soluble m & m

Of course here to get images of this type and this quality camera factor It does hold some importance. However, almost all of us now have phones that are not bad at all, and many even have a macro lens. In fact, as we said, you can easily get such images at home.

One of the Most Impressive Photos of the Sun Ever Taken

All you have to do is fill a transparent container with water and color Throwing M & M’s into it. The owner of the images is a aquarium and a petri dish chose to use it. He managed to separate the M & M’s from the background by placing a petri dish in the aquarium, which allowed the images to be so impressive. Then press the record button and different light games All the images he recorded by testing were transformed into wonderful landscapes with the dissolution of food coloring and sugar in water.

For those who want to check out this impressive video:

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