How Is A Pill Easiest To Swallow?

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Swallowing pills is not an easy task for everyone. However, Germany’s Heidelberg University has done a research that will find a solution for those who have trouble swallowing pills. With the two techniques they recommend, you will not have as much trouble as before when you take pills.

Pill-shaped medicines or vitamin capsules are troublesome objects for many people. According to one statistic, one in three people taking medication in the US experience either nausea, vomiting or choking while taking pills. Some people cannot swallow the pills for a long time after putting them in their mouth. Is there a cure for this situation?

How Do You Take The Pill?

Pill swallowing poses serious difficulties, according to a study by Heidelberg University. For this reason, the researchers suggest two methods. For the first of these, you must follow the steps below.

  • Take a plastic bottle of water or fill a plastic bottle with water.
  • Take the pill in your mouth and grasp the water bottle with your lips and close your mouth tightly.
  • Start drinking the water from the bottle by sucking it like babies suck. But try to keep your mouth closed and avoid air from the edges.

How to swallow the pill

With this method, researchers made 140 people who had trouble swallowing pills, with their eyes closed, swallowing large pills. A positive change in pill swallowing was observed in 60% of the participants in the experiment. In the second method, an improvement of 89% was observed. You can reach the second one by following the steps below.

  • Put the pill on your tongue.
  • Take a sip of water in your mouth but do not swallow it.
  • Put your chin on your chest.
  • With your head tilted forward like this, swallow the pill.

How to swallow the pill

Well, have you benefited from using these methods while taking pills?

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