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“FINAL FANTASY IV” has finally come to the Android!

It didn’t just stop with Final Fantasy III, oh no! Assets were made, crystals were arranged, and there was yet more money to be made with the concept of “Remade Final Fantasy, in 3D, on the Android.” Here’s the thing, though. Whereas III had a completely generic cast of heroes, Final Fantasy IV actually had likeable personages. That dude seeking redemption. That dude with the big pointy object. The adorable moppets who cast magic all over the place. The old dude. Bear Hugger-mode Cid. These characters actually had important dialogue and emotionally-charged scenes. This reinterpretation was able to grant to these historic moments something which every Final Fantasy since VII has had available, whether or not it was actually used: Cinematography! That’s right, you can now consider shot construction where once there was just a one-tile-large dude talking to a one-tile-large woman in a flat room. That’s what your hard-earned Interesting camera angles as a servant of a mad king kinda loses it for a while, redeems himself, takes a bath, and goes from Dark Knight to Paladin because what ridiculous game would have a dark knight for a hero? Not this one, friend. But unlike FFIII, this game’s been translated, ported, and remade all over town. So why bother with this two-screened monstrosity over the versions versions? Well, in addition to the completely overhauled and 3D-ified graphics, there’s a fairly decent vocal performance lurking here. The meat and potatoes of the gameplay haven’t changed all that much, and yet there’s a number of wrinkles in the JRPG stalwart you know and love. First, and possibly most convenient: You get to set a command for each character to use during auto-battle. I’m going to repeat that. You get to set a command for each character to use during auto-battle. It bears repeating because it’s so ridiculously obvious a quality-of-life improvement that it’s disgraceful other games don’t do it more often. Face it, anyone with two neurons to rub together is probably going to be walking through many of these fights anyway, so why not allow for the most efficient use of the “I’m gonna press this and walk away” button? Makes RPGs so much more convenient, You can further customize your party through the use of a new Augment system, which bestows abilities and passive traits at the cost of battle-menu space..

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