FIFA Develops Semi-Automatic Offside System

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FIFA is developing a semi-automatic offside system to end discussions about offside. The algorithm to be developed for the system will be trained with hundreds of offside positions.

The biggest innovation in world football in recent years, YES (Video Assistant Referee)Is used in almost every major football event, from the Champions League to the Premiere League, and helps prevent many referee errors in matches. Still, even the VAR has not been able to dispel all the arguments about referees.

According to shared information FifaDespite the VAR system, he is still working on semi-automatic offside technology for offside positions where discussions do not end. Working with three different technology companies for the technology in question, FIFA has hundreds of different offside position will train the algorithm and assist the referees in offside positions. In addition, FIFA aims to improve the visuality in the offside pieros.

FIFA satisfied with the use of VAR

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A FIFA official who made statements to Sky Sports, “FIFA is generally very satisfied with the worldwide use of VAR. It is a fact that VAR leads to the right decisions. FIFA from this both satisfied and proud. FIFA is in constant contact with IFAB for the further development of VAR technology ” used the expressions.

In addition, Pierluigi Collina, Chairman of the FIFA Refereeing Committee, also said about the VAR. “What we’re trying to do have a consistent assessment and taking those decisions with the VAR. So this network is very important for the referees ” he said and stated that their aim was to set a standard for the referees.

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