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Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK, We shared the apk file under the title of Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK on our apk download site. Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK download link in the detail of our article ..

Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK

Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK Finally Arrived on Android. After a huge success of its first game named DRAGON HILL now we got its first sequel. Developers Rebel Twins game is known for its in depth destruction gameplay and colorful animations. Amazing little offline game is and endless arcade game with so many obstacles to skip and make new high scores. Dragon Hill 2 MOD APK is not available in the play store yet but it could be arriving soon. Here Download the MODDED APK which will give you unlimited money and coins.

We have lots of amount of endless runner games but Dragon Hill 2 is kinda different game. you are riding on a dragon and you have to make your way for it as long as you can. hold your finger on the screen so your dragon takes dive in and dive out by destructing all objectives that comes in your way. you have to avoid your dragon from poison touch or you will see different polices standing in your path try to stop you. you just have to avoid them.

Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK Android Download Unlimited Money

There is a shop button in the game which allows you to purchase different upgrades for your dragon. entire shop requires gold coins and since you are using MOD APK of Dragon Hills 2 you already have enough unlimited coins to upgrade your dragon easily. Skills which can be upgraded are vitality,speed boos or drilling abilities. you can also unlock different dragons if you level up. Unlimited Coins can be used for different skills such as Gun upgrades,Coin Magnets or even revival boost.


If you are in to a game that looks colorful and plays beautifully then Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK is for you. It offers some amazing amount of gameplay time and packs solid destruction fun. I think you must have heard about Dragon Hills because it was a massive hit. Its sequel packs more fun and destruction than before. since its still a first release version we might see more content updates soon. till then enjoy Dragon Drilling in different 3 stages with MOD APK for Unlimited Money.

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