Download Ejen Ali: Agents’ Arena

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Download Ejen Ali: Agents’ Arena, we searched for detailed information for you under the title Download Ejen Ali: Agents’ Arena in our game news section. Download Ejen Ali: Agents’ Arena Apk file in our article.

Download Ejen Ali: Agents’ Arena

Download Ejen Ali: Agents’ Arena

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 0.1.6
 Downloads: 10000+
 Updated: 7/03/2020
 Size: 70M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature:Dumb Enemies

Only you will be able to attack in the game, multiplayer gives connection error because this game is in beta. I may add more mods once the game is fully out.

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Ejen Ali is a real-time 3vs3 battle game where you can play in missions, single and multiplayer matches. Your goal on each mission will be to capture the enemy territory. You and your team will have to stand inside their territory to capture it while they will try to defend it, the same with your own territories. Once you capture it, it will yours and you will have to protect it from the enemies. The team with the higher percentage when the timer runs out wins the game. You will earn coins and credits for winning battles that you can use to upgrade and buy new things for your characters. The game is still in BETA at the moment and not globally released.

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