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Days After - zombie survival simulator mod apk

Download Days After APK MODDays After Review, we searched for detailed information for you under the title Download Days After APK MODDays After Review in our game news section. Download Days After APK MODDays After Review Apk file in our article.

Download Days After APK MODDays After Review

Download Days After APK MOD

Game Name Days After
Game Version 7.1.0
Developer Alternativa Games
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Mod Type Vipmods

Mod Features

  • Max Durability
  • Unlimited Coins – Travel to any map outside and then die there, now respawn using coins to get unlimited coins.

PlayStore Link:

Days After Review

Days After is a new survival game where you will play as the only survivor in the game at the start and try to build yourself a shelter, get items to craft useful weapons, and other essential things. The game has many things to craft and other items will get unlock as you level up. Keep an eye on your thirst and hunger as it will deplete over time and you will need to find food and water to keep yourself alive. Don’t wander around at night unless you have strong weapons as the zombies and other wild animals won’t be easy on you. Build a shelter to keep them away at night and protect it with traps and defensives. Complete quests to earn XP to level up, click the auto button to let your player automatically collect all the resources around you.

New mod features added, read inside mod features.

Download APK MOD

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