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Disgaea 1 Complete APK, We shared the apk file under the title of Disgaea 1 Complete APK on our apk download site. Disgaea 1 Complete APK download link in the detail of our article ..

Disgaea 1 Complete APK


The most Evil SRPG has arrived on Android. After a huge success of its remastered version on Switch we now finally have Disgaea 1 Complete APK on Android. A premium and rich offline JRPG is here to offer you amazing contents with rich storyline and strategic RPG Gameplay. Disgaea 1 is Premium game and is now available in English and all devices support. There are no IAP available in the game. its a full premium game.

Disgaea 1 Complete APK English Version Download

You play as Lahaul, heir to the throne of the netherworld lahar has been asleep for two years and in that time his father the king passed away in his absence. the realm has gone to pop and lesser demons from all over vying for the throne and of course Laharl has no intentions of giving up. so you and your companions set out to crush the usurper demons and claim your birthright.

The art style is reminiscent of many good animes and I enjoyed it. high quality of humor thrown in helps keep things interesting and enjoyable. you’ll spend hours upon hours playing some of the same levels again and again collecting money experience and items to gain the necessary power to progress. The main story should take roughly 40 hours to complete.

The gameplay of Disgaea 1 Complete APK is fun. the game offers deep complexity making every battle rewarding and the interesting. in the early game you only had a couple of characters and weapon options but it doesn’t take long before you are introduced to the dark assembly this feature allows you to create any number of new characters of various classes. If you like playing premium games that offers hours of content then try this game Disgaea.

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