Business Card Scanner & Saver – Scan & Organize (Paid)

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Business Card Scanner & Saver – Scan & Organize (Paid), We shared the apk file under the title of Business Card Scanner & Saver – Scan & Organize (Paid) on our apk download site. Business Card Scanner & Saver – Scan & Organize (Paid) download link in the detail of our article ..

Business Card Scanner & Saver Apk Paid: Now sharing your business card details become very easy with this app : Digital Business Card Scanner.

Very helpful and easy app for sales agents, entrepreneurs, businessman and consultants or anyone in related to dealing with any contacts.

Just open the digital business card holder app and scan the card it will automatically save the contact to your cell phone. There is no need to waste your time in manual data entry. This visiting card scanner is 100% reliable and save with accurate results.

Snap a photo of a business card using your Android camera and let Card Scanner extract all necessary information.

This Business card scanner app is uniquely designed with dynamic outlook. No pain to take for creating user account. It is very useful application with the best OCR that capture visiting card in no time.

Features of Business card reader app :-
* Advanced OCR technology to scan business cards
* Scan QR Code and Fetch card details
* Ability to create digital business card manually
* Accurately scan business cards using AI powered image reading
* Auto Sync of contacts
* Auto Sync of contacts with google account
* Auto Backup Support
* Digitizes business cards 100% accurately in all major languages.
* Organize and search on an intuitive and powerful interface
* User friendly design
* Advanced business card organizer

Business card scanner to contacts is effective at reading the data without any hassle. It has the ability to convert business card to contacts that can be easily accessible. Easy to use with user friendly interface. If you are looking for business card reader scanner, then without a second thought, just install this app and save your business contacts.

Business Card scanner app is one of best app available that converts your paper card into digital business card. Contact snapper helps you in very minor but very important task, which can save your precious time.

Thank You for downloading Business Card Scanner & Saver Apk Paid.

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