Burger Bistro Story APK MOD

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Burger Bistro Story APK MOD, We shared the apk file under the title of Burger Bistro Story APK MOD on our apk download site. Burger Bistro Story APK MOD download link in the detail of our article ..

Burger Bistro Story APK MOD

Another masterpiece from Kairosoft has been translated in English language. This time its Burger Bistro Story APK for android devices. Now you can enjoy this rich and amazing simulation game on your android devices and run your own fast food restaurant and make profit.

“Burger Bistro Story APK” is a pixel-style simulated business casual mobile game. In the game, the player will become the owner of a burger restaurant, and he can recruit employees to serve himself, unlock vegetable burgers, double burgers, etc. A variety of different types of burgers provide customers with delicious food. Shops can be expanded to create numerous burger chains.

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Burger Bistro Story APK Features:-

1. Incorporate a lot of fun elements and use various promotional activities to attract more customers and obtain better returns.

2. Cook all kinds of food as you like, try every means to meet the tastes of different guests, and get a brand-new gaming experience.

3. Recruit waiters to help you entertain customers better, and give them the best consumer experience with a good service attitude.

4. Cooking practice, learning the cooking process, the game simulates the actual fast food cooking process, and provides a variety of western fast food in the burger restaurant.

5. Make various breads and fillings to maximize creativity. It is fun to match or use all meats correctly.

6. Develop healthy eating habits, evaluate food, improve the combination of ingredients, gain a sense of accomplishment, become a delicious chef and complete better dishes.

You can make the best burgers and compete with other shops. Make your burger shop the most popular. Shop, you are the best burger king! Get a steady stream of customers to come to your shop for consumption, grasp the business opportunities in the game, and get a lot of gold coins to expand your shop scale.

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