Brush Your Teeth Correctly with Oclean Xpro

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Oclean Xpro, a sonic electric toothbrush, helps you brush your teeth not only regularly but also correctly with its blind spot detection feature, touch screen and hundreds of special toothbrushing programs.

According to the World Health Organization, we clean our teeth every day. correct and orderly It is extremely important to brush in a way, to protect dental health and to reduce the risk of dental diseases. In addition, it should not be forgotten that dental diseases predispose to diseases in different organs, especially kidneys.

Although the topic of regular brushing is easily understood, most people do not know exactly what the “right” brushing is. Ocleannew sonic electric toothbrush to help you brush properly in three factors that we will explain below Oclean Xprodeveloped.

“Correct brushing” starts with brushing in the right direction

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Being aware that almost everyone has a different mouth structure, health and tooth brushing habits, Oclean has more than 20 presets for users to meet the needs of people with different tooth brushing habits, hundreds of special toothbrushing programs offers. You can easily access all these programs through the application.

Oclean Xpro, which has a 6-axis gyroscope and a processor, in order to provide the best brushing experience for the users, uses the oscillation, brushing trajectory, pressure, effective cleaning area and it records and analyzes the brushing time. All these data can be viewed by users through the application, and the application will help people who do not have a correct tooth brushing habit by providing a guide on this issue.

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In many sonic toothbrushes for sale blind spot detection has the feature. However, Oclean Xpro can also process the user’s toothbrushing data independently from the application, and the from the touch screen It can remind users that there are points where it skips brushing. What’s more, when the user starts brushing their teeth very strongly, the Oclean Xpro detects this and automatically reduces the frequency to protect the tooth enamel and gums. According to Oclean, these two features definitely set the Xpro apart from its competitors.

If you are looking for a new sonic electric toothbrush, it stands out with its blind spot detection feature and touch screen. Oclean XproWe can advise you to give it a try. Moreover here You can access the product page by clicking on the “specially created for readers.”XPRO5” Using the code to Oclean Xpro 5 percent discount you can have with. (The discount code is valid until February 21st.By the way, those who want to visit the physical store instead of the online store are in Kocaeli Mah. Let us also mention that they can go to Ömer Türkçakal Bulvarı No: 7.

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