Antibacterial Phone Case Bast, Released for Sale

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“Turkey’s first antibacterial and antiviral phone case” of the title Basten was offered for sale. It is aimed to open the product to the world in the near future.

With the impact of COVID-19 in all areas of life antiviral and antibacterial interest in technologies has grown exponentially. Seeing people’s worries about it Bast, Turkey’s first antiviral and antibacterial technology, the phone case presented to the taste of consumers.

Bast, which is the joint work of Kubilay Kuzey Okumuş, Alperen Fikret Vaizoğlu and Seyfettin Peynirci, students of Boğaziçi University Chemistry Department, “We never wash our third hand it provides trust by neutralizing microorganisms in the phones. suggests.

Bast phone case kills 99 percent of bacteria that come into contact

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According to the statements made on the subject, the Bast phone case is destroys 99 percent of bacteria and offers a much more hygienic smartphone experience. Case, the effectiveness of antibacterial certificate issued by the Accreditation Organization of Turkey and proven cases with international SSL certificate.

Bast Founding Partner Kubilay Kuzey Okumuş stated that they are working to minimize the threat to public health; “Turkey’s first and only antibacterial phone case, has been gracefully if dispersed, fighting continuously against bacteria with specially formulated polypropylene. Cases we produce with antiviral and antibacterial technology for the phones we contact most frequently during the day. simple, functional and stylish stands out with its design.

The goal is to open up to the international market

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Environmentally friendly products that do not stain fingerprints also protect users from invisible dangers at every contact. For now bastcase.comImportant phone case we are interested in our offer for sale through Amazon Trendyol Turkey and e-commerce companies are continuing with negotiations. Our local technology, which will take place in Hepsiburada very soon, We aim to deliver to all over the world He spoke in the form.

Drawing attention with the fact that it is a project implemented by university students, Bast starts working immediately after contact with microbes and only Up to 99.9 percent hygiene within 4 hours provides. Moreover, according to Bast’s claim, the covers in question, It does not lose its effect for 66 months.

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