10 Interesting Products Awaiting Crowdfunding Support

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Kitlesel Fonlama Platformlarında Bağışçılardan Destek Bekleyen 10 İlginç Ürün ve Teknoloji

Many interesting projects can be encountered on platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo where projects are realized with crowdfunding. We have prepared a list of the most interesting and remarkable projects for you. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting and fun projects that await supporters.

Nowadays, it is possible to collect support for any kind of project you can think of, with a kind of donation system. There are many platforms where such support projects and initiatives find the opportunity to promote themselves. Popular like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme crowdfunding platformsworks with the idea of ​​bringing together the support of many donors to bring a project to life and hundreds of projects It is implemented by seeing the support it expects.

All types of projects By saying we did not use it as a kind of exaggeration. Indeed, when you enter any of these platforms, it is possible to come up with hundreds of projects from a movie to an art project, from innovative mobile accessories to all kinds of technological devices you can think of. In this article, some of the highlights for you curiosity and excitement while waking up some ‘why is that?’ questioning We chose ten projects. Bride interesting projects awaiting crowdfunding support Let’s take a look together.

CELLSNAPP !: An accessory that allows you to use two phones functionally at the same time.

We told you that you will come across interesting products. CELLSNAPP! exactly such a product. CELLSNAPP!, Which enables you to actively use two phones at the same time, basically works with a simple magnet logic and allows two phones to be connected to each other. with the help of magnets ensures that it is fixed and used in a functional way.

Although it raises questions about exactly what kind of need it was developed to meet, we can say that it is the kind of product that anyone who uses two phones will try at least to see if it is practical. If you didn’t let go by bringing your two phones together If you have ever wondered about CELLSNAPP! which will save you from a trouble, you can click here to review it, and if you wish, you can support it.

Peeps Play House: Interactive game and entertainment house for chicks

Yes, you did not read it wrong. Peeps Play House, for chicks to spend quality time designed play house. Designed for those who keep chicks in their homes and gardens, this playhouse has a capacity of 10 chicks and can feed and play for chicks. offers interactive areas.

Produced with easy-to-clean natural materials, Peeps Play House is yet to support at the very beginning of the road. Supports from chick lovers are expected for the realization of the product. We wish success in their journey to Peeps Play House, and we attach a link here for those who say ‘let me see what this is’.

Flynova Pro: New generation flying light ball

Now imagine a colorful and flying luminous ball. Then that ball of light flew away like a boomerang Imagine it coming back to you or being able to control its movements with the ‘magic’ control stick.

Flynova Pro, capable of all of these skipjack. Flynova Pro, which flies when you throw it from your hand and returns like a boomerang, also has a ‘magic’ stick that allows you to control its movements while in the air. These colorful flying luminous balls will be so loved More than $ 1 million has gathered support. If you are curious about the page where Flynova Pro explains itself to its supporters, you can click here.

HyperCube: Sound sensitive, color cube (also lighted)

Sound-sensitive multicolored lighting systems are now very popular. HyperCube has taken this from a slightly different angle and creating a feeling of eternity with the mirrors inside It offers an impressive visuality with a cube.

HyperCube, which you can control over its application and change its colors as you wish, is also available with various light games. have a hypnotizing effect. HyperCube, which offers both a colorful lighting and an illuminated visual feast, according to its claim will take you to another dimension. If you want to take a closer look, you can click here.

BeYou: The chair that can change shape to sit however you like

If you spend most of your day on a chair in front of the computer, an interesting product that you will want one right away; BeYou. BeYou can switch to 10 different forms and allowing you to sit however you like a chair.

With its ergonomic structure, BeYou provides a healthy sitting by providing the right position for your body on the one hand, and on the other hand, it allows you to lie on the chair with some forms that make the chair not a chair. Especially For those who spend long hours at the desk BeYou, a great alternative, has raised more than $ 3 million in support and has started sales. If you wish, you can click here to browse the details of the product.

Mendi: A futuristic brain training title that allows you to play games with only your brain

Mendi is a game that you play by controlling yourself only with your brain and brain training product as he describes it. By wearing this headgear, which provides a kind of exercise for your brain’s prefrontal cortex, you can control the game on your screen with your brain. With this exercise your prefrontal cortex is developing and you can follow your progress through the mobile application.

The idea of ​​being able to control an on-screen game with just the brain makes Mendi quite interesting. Of course what we call ‘game’ here It’s pretty simple and not our dream game. Mendi, a kind of ‘health’ product for brain development for now, has also increased our excitement about what can be done with this kind of technology. You can click here for more details about Mendi, which was developed by researchers at Stockholm University and supported by a fairly wide audience.

Dream Glass 4K: AR glasses that offer you a special 4K display experience

Today, VR and AR glasses still haven’t reached the expected popularity, but it is not difficult to predict that they will become an integral part of our lives in the future. Dream Glass 4K is a product that also serves this. A portable AR goggles Dream Glass 4K is compatible with PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices. It offers a great experience while watching movies or playing games with its 4K image quality and 3D capability.

It also comes into play, for example, when you want to watch a movie from your phone or laptop or play a game in public transport. Dream Glassallows you to do this on a huge screen that only you can see. Dream Glass, which captured the amount of donation targeted and started to deliver its first products, is now available for sale with a price tag of $ 599. If you wish, you can click here to examine it closely.

Narvalo Urban Active: the mask that optimizes the airflow

During the pandemic days, if you thought, ‘I haven’t left the house for weeks, the longest distance I’ve walked to the kitchen is in the living room’ and you find yourself walking or jogging in the park in your neighborhood with an enthusiasm, you have noticed what a torture it turned into with a mask in the face. Of your masks While the question of how long it will be in our lives is also preoccupied with our minds, more useful and more ‘cool’ masks started to be produced.

Narvalo Urban Active is one of these masks. Pass through the mask by optimizing the air flow while wearing the mask ‘as if there was no mask‘Narvalo Urban Active, which allows you to breathe, is a product with a high probability of achieving success in a bad scenario where masks will be in our lives for a long time. If you are curious, you can check the details of Narvalo Urban Active by clicking here.

Smell Inspector: “Can robots smell?” Smell detector that answers the question

The Smell Inspector is a type of detector that allows ‘machines’ of all kinds to detect odors. Let’s make it easier to understand exactly what this detector does, which is possible to serve in a wide range of uses, even though we cannot make sense at first sight; able to fully perceive the smells in a place and imagine a robot alerting you of those smells. Here’s what makes that robot smell Smell Inspector.

Onion, a stinking garbage or coffee… Smell Inspector detects many smells and can give warning about these smells. You can click here to take a look at the details of Smell Inspector, which has a wide range of effects, from being integrated with smart home systems to enabling robots with artificial intelligence to have the sense of smell.

NOVA Audio Earrings: Earring clip-on headset

NOVA Audio Earrings are a headset that is worn on the earlobe just like an earring and has no physical connection to the inside of the ear. Searching, listening to music and using your smart assistant NOVA Audio Earrings, which offer everything expected from a headset like a headset, are made of pearl in the earring design. transmits sound directly into the ear canal.

Of course, it has raised serious questions in our minds about what kind of sound experience it offers, but if it performs well at this point, it seems possible that such a product can be developed and succeeded. First in the world If you are curious about NOVA Audio Earrings, you can reach the details by clicking here.

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