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Developing J2EE Applications with IBM WebSphere Studio: IBM Certified Enterprise Developer by Howard I. Kushner
English | 1 Aug. 2003 | ISBN: 1931182108 | 688 Pages | CHM | 36 MB

Developed in cooperation with the team that created the exam, this book is the only certification study guide endorsed and recommended by IBM for test 287.
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Complexity Management with the K-Method: Price Structures, IT and Controlling for Procurement of Packaging Materials
Springer | Computer Science | November 7, 2015 | ISBN-10: 3662482436 | 107 pages | pdf | 2.5 mb

by Daniel Kossmann (Author), Donald Kossmann (Author)
The only and first book which describes the K-Method
Contains an introduction concept which provides help to overcome the resistance of buyers and especially suppliers to implement the K-Method
Explains how massive cost reductions can be achieved by simplifying the process of price negotiations, tenders, portfolio management, purchase orders, invoice control and controlling when purchasing packaging materials
Demonstrates new approaches for Value Analysis
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Love to make with Woman's Weekly - September 2016
English | 76 pages | True PDF | 30,2 MB

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Healing Tasks: Psychotherapy with Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse by James I. Kepner
English | 2003 | ISBN: 0881634026, 1138136832 | 334 pages | PDF | 127 MB
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Paul Pitchford - Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition (3rd Edition)
2003 | ISBN: 1556434715, 1556434308 | English | 780 pages | PDF | 9.7 MB
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Tyrone Johnson, "Washboard Abs With 7 Simple Exercises"
2014 | EPUB | 36 pages | ASIN: B00NQJ5L6U | English | 0.1 MB

This book will teach you 7 simple but POWERFUL exercises you need to finally achieve your dream of shedding the belly fat for good!
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Spreadsheet Success: How to excel with spreadsheets by Alan sharpe
English | 1 Aug. 2016 | ASIN: B01JK1NQ9Q | 25 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 3.51 MB

Spreadsheets are a very useful tool in the modern world and are very powerful. I have tried to cover the main topics and areas you will come across and need when using spreadsheets.
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Beginning Windows 10 With Anniversary Update by Riaz Ahmed
English | 20 Aug. 2016 | ISBN: 1537177745 | 254 Pages | PDF | 11.24 MB

The book delivers more than what you pay for it! Yes, this book is not a 30 or 50 pages jest to grab your money. It is a serious endeavor for those who are keen to get in-depth knowledge about Windows 10.
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Make: Getting Started with Drones

19-09-2016, 02:52

Make: Getting Started with Drones: Build and Customize Your Own Quadcopter by Terry Kilby
English | 30 Oct. 2015 | ISBN: 1457183307 | 204 Pages | EPUB/MOBI/PDF (True) | 79.86 MB/131.76 MB/90.35 MB

Want to make something that can fly? How about a flying robot? In this book, you'll learn how drones work, how to solve some of the engineering challenges a drone presents, and how to build your own--an autonomous quadcopter that you can build, customize, and fly.
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The Dog with the Old Soul: True Stories of the Love, Hope and Joy Animals Bring to Our Lives by Jennifer Basye Sander
2012 | ISBN: 0373892624 | English | 192 pages | EPUB | 0.3 MB
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